Dave Webb is an artist, creative technologist and creative coder. Here are four recent works showing the range and direction of my technology mediated art practise.


A current project for my MSc. A room-scale interactive installation that uses machine learning to detect viewers poses. These poses drive the narrative of a battle between an oppressive force and citizens.

Seb Shrugged

A narrative video game, also as part of my MSc. This uses low fidelity pixel-art animations to inhabit the world and mind of a teenager and his inner state.

Recent sketches

I create sketches in code on most days to develop visual motifs for use in projects, and to hone my skills. Here are a some that explore natural processes.

Equals Thought?

This web project peaks inside a simple brain, with only 1000 neurons and 10,000 synaptic connections, and asks how (and if) electro-chemical action becomes thought.

This is a link to a real-time generative animation running on a web page rather than a video.

Dave Webb is @crispysmokedweb